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Nov 11, 2012 9:00am EST
. >> thank you. >> we'll get a chance to talk to congress cummings whabt he expects to happen in washington in the coming weeks and early next year. thank you. >> thank you. >>> stay with us. on 11 news, your sunday garden. >> last week we talked about flowers. we want faster results. >> that's right. we'll show you just how to do this. >> time for christmas, too. that's all coming up in just ahq >> good morning. welcome back. now at this stage, we got thanksgiving coming up, christmas, new year's. we're beginning to think of what to do in the house. >> one of the cool things is plants make great gifts. one of the things i like best are these amarillys. there's doubles, there's singles. there's some like this one here. this has a big monster flower on it. >> bigger the flower the taller the plant. >> sometimes. sometimes not. really depends. the nice thing is, once you plant it, it knows what to do. >> the stuff is in there. >> yes. the leaf is even coming up. they're even starting to grow. no water. just a little bit of light. >> one like this when we're just beginning to see the leaf come
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
starting to break apart right now. across the state, 44 at b.w.i. marshall, 44 in washington and 41 in oakland. snow in garrett county in the western part of the state so it's colder there right now but we are expecting the forecast to be in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees into the afternoon. you are going to start to see the sunshine break out later this morning, as well. >> reaching for the finish line, mitt romney and president obama continuing their last haul through the battleground states ahead of tuesday's election. >> later today, both candidates will be in ohio, a must-win for both campaigns. here brian mooar with that story from washington. >> former president bill clinton may have been losing his voice >> but he has done a good job with a bad hand. >> but in virginia, he spoke up for president obama, trying to soften up a critical swing state. >> we've made real progress, virginia. >> governor romney is trying to hold down iowa, a battleground state where he's fallen behind five points in the latest polls. >> with the vote of the people of iowa, we can't lose. >> the ca
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am EST
learning more about that departure now from 11 news washington reporter brian moore. >> the sudden fall of the cia chief has washington asking how and why. and the woman suddenly in the spotlight, paula broadwell isn't saying. back in january she was promoting her book on the general. >> he absolutely loves the agency. >> broadwell arch west point graduate and army reserve officer had close access to the cia director. federal agents are investigating whether she had access to his e-mails or computer. >> my understanding is that the fbi's investigation into what took place on computers there did not necessarily -- was not focused on him. that came by information by accident. >> law enforcement and multiple u.s. sources tell nbc news that e-mails between the general and paula broadwell were indicative of an extra marital affair. nbc news tried but was unable to reach paula broadwell for comment. in his resignation letter, the general revealed he had showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra marital affair. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the general is not under in
Nov 18, 2012 5:00am EST
. 41 degrees in washington, d.c. right now. even warmer in the southern part of the state, where temperatures range from the mid 40s to near 50 in ocean city. that's where they've seen some clouds overnight. any time we have clouds that keep the temperature warmer, it prevents the temperatures from dropping down overnight. just a little bit warmer than where we have the clouds. as we go throughout the day though are creeping up from that disturbance in the carolinas. 54 for the high today in ocean city. around 52 degrees. little bit more sunshine as we head into southern pennsylvania. if you plan to be out in the bay today, winds will be a concern. especially as you go to the chesapeake. winds expected 10 to 15 knots, gusts up to 20. the strongest waves and winds will be south of the bay bridge. that's where there is a small craft advisory in effect through monday. the next high tide 9:41 this morning and 10:26 in the evening hours. as you look at the forecast way ahead. going all the way to the thanksgiving holiday. things are looking okay across the coast. high pressure will be
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4